Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two I.V. Yahoo Groups

Many of you already know about the two Isla Vista Yahoo Groups. For those of you who do not, here's some basic info:

Isla_Vista_Community Yahoo Group

"This as a place where current and former Isla Vistans can meet up with old friends and talk about what IV meant to us.

"We’re interested in IV in the years 1970-1988 (from the Burning of the Bank of Amerika to when the Isla Vista Community Council disbanded). These were the community-building years, a period of social and political activism, experimentation and idealism.

"What was it like being part of or close to those events? We know there are some great stories out there that aren’t widely known and we’d like to begin sharing them. In the process, we’re hoping to create a new archive of institutional histories, photos and documents.

"We also see this Group as a means to reconnect with old friends and catch up on what we’re all doing now. You can share PHOTOS (both past and present), get information on what’s happening with those you’ve lost track of and much more.

"We’ve established a few GUIDELINES for making the Group a rewarding and safe place. Please read these before you begin posting messages; they’re in the FILES Section. We have also prepared “Help with Using the Group,” which may be useful for members and can also be found in the FILES Section.

"We also recommend you visit our DATABASES Section, which has:
• FAQs, with answers to most questions
• PERSONAL, where you can insert stuff about yourself
• WHERE ARE THEY NOW, with info about other former Isla Vistans you've kept in contact with
• RIP, containing obits and tributes to friends who have passed away
• SEARCHING FOR information describing people with whom you'd like to reconnect.

"We hope you’ll enjoy and contribute to this Group. If you have suggestions about other features we should have, or problems with the Group or a fellow member, please contact us at

Fred Stang, IVCC 1974-75
David Pye, IVCC 1974-77
Carmen Lodise, IVCC 1972-73
Ed Isenberg, Co-Owner, The Town Crier



IslaVista Yahoo Group

"This is an open discussion of Isla Vista Past-Present-Future and just a place to get to know folks. I'm a 27 year resident of IV who truly loves the place and an experienced list owner and moderator (AUM and Autismlist at yahoogroups). The core group here are bank burners and IV community builders and founders. I'm originally from upstate NY but lived in my college town of Oneonta, NY until I was 31 when I moved here to IV. So I'm also an experienced hand at college towns. Please click on DATABASE / FAQ to read common questions and answers about our group. Please add your contact information (only as much as you want to share) by clicking on DATABASE / CONTACT LIST. You can also ask for information on non-members, and check what we already know, by perusing the other DATABASEs."

Tom Smith (QIM)

"PICTURE ON RIGHT is of the Isla Vista Oak tree which once was on the edge of the cliff in Dog Sh-t Park, officially called Isla Vista County Park. That Oak Tree is the symbol of Isla Vista but fell into the ocean during the El Nino storms in 1983. The picture is courtesy of Carmen Lodises' Isla Vista History Page at: www.islavistahistory.com"


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