Saturday, December 18, 2004

Carmen Lodise Farewell

It was just a wonderful space in time at Javan's (the former Borsodi's) to see and hang with so many comrades from the past and present!

Robert Bernstein captured the evening (12/10/2004) in a series of images at:

Carmen Lodise Farewell at Borsodi's/Javan's - 10 December 2004

Robert has his raw files (higher memory sizes) temporarily at:

Carmen - large files


  1. Carmen
    If it were possible, you should be ashamed for your misinformed Independent article, 12/07/06. As usual, you go off half cocked and do not represent the truth.
    Craig Geyer

  2. Cramen
    If it were possible, you should be ashamed of the misinformation in the Independent article on 12/07/06. As usual you stated incorrect information but claim to be an expert on Isla Vista issues. I have attended every IV RDA PAC meeting and only recall your attendance at two meetings. Try living in the present time. It is people like you that will continue to drag Isla Vista over the cliff, by the type of hose job your article displays.
    Craig Geyer

  3. Carmen LodiseDecember 08, 2006

    Craig Geyer,

    I guess I was wrong saying the Draft EIR hearings happened during dead week, the draft Final report was released just before Thanksgiving with hearings on it scheduled during dead week and during finals (which at the last minute were changed to January, which I told the Independent), and that auto-reduction was left out. But I don't think so.

    And tell me if I'm wrong about your two businesses (Central Plumbing & Embarcadero Co.) gaining some advantage from the presented downtown redevelopment plan and proposed parking structures, and that these parking projects taking up over 50% of all the money available in the early years of the Master Plan. Again, I don’t think so.

    I've heard that you were good on the community center issue in the PAC discussions and that is much appreciated. But it smells of a trade-off to me.

    I didn't personally insult anyone in my factually based Independent piece, which discussed issues and spoke of the traditional vested interests benefiting in Isla Vista development. You responded with insults and no facts. Nothing much changes from your side of the aisle.

    But you're right about one thing -- I attended only two of the PAC "hearings." What I found was a 2-3 hour discussion among mostly landlords and business owners, followed by the opportunity for "citizens" to comment for only 90 seconds -- if they could endure the wait.

    I did, however, attend all of the "scoping" hearings, during which auto-reduction was mentioned often. Yet there is hardly a word of this option in the Draft EIR.

    And as far as it being us "oldtimers" driving Isla Vista over the cliff, I think you're as old as I am AND it's the continued leadership of vested interests that has Isla Vista teetering on the brink. There was always hope when "we" were around.

    Carmen Lodise
    Barra de Navidad, Mexico