Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Sunshine Revolutionaries," 2017

The first edition of my history of the Isla Vista riots ("Sunshine Revolutionaries") came out as a self-published spiral-bound photocopy in 1987 with a print run of less that 50 copies. One is still archived in Special Collections at the UCSB Library. Additionally, I shared a digital copy with friends and those most interested.

The second edition ("Don't Bank on Amerika") was also self-published, but this time as a true paperback, in 2002, with no digital copy. This hardcopy was moderately popular for the ten years of its publication, selling over 100 copies. It became a real resource to those who wanted to know the details of the riots. Unfortunately, both the first and second editions are no longer available.

For the third edition, I'm going back to my original title, the one it is copyrighted under: "Sunshine Revolutionaries." It will no longer be published as a hardcopy, but will be all digital as a very affordable e-book. Be on the lookout for it this year. -- Malcolm