Saturday, August 30, 2008

Joe Melchione Tour

Joe Melchione's personal tour of "Year of Rebellion" ...

Thanks to Josh Figatner, Production Coordinator for the Santa Barbara Channels, SB's own local and educational access TV network, for the heads-up.

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  1. Hey, sorry so last minute. Joe's photos inspired me to show these films tomorrow night as part of an on-going documentary screening series I co-organize...

    If anyone know's Joe personally, please give him the heads up!


    DOC NIGHT, MONDAY SEPT 22, 7:30pm
    at Fishbon's Pescadrome, 101 S. Quarantina St., Santa Barbara, 93103 (corner building of Railroad Square, enter from side door on Carpenteria St)

    Special Double Feature

    CRISIS: Behind a Presidential Commitment (1963) 52 minutes

    At once intimate and engaging, Crisis is the first and only film ever shot candidly that features a U.S. president (Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Bobby) making decisions during a crisis. With a revolutionary new filmmaking style that allowed for multiple hand-held cameras, documentarian Robert Drew and his four-team crew captured the stand off in Montgomery, Alabama, one of the most astonishing Civil Rights confrontations of the 20th century.

    DON'T BANK ON AMERIKA (1970) 45 minutes

    An up-close view of the 1970 UCSB student uprisings, known widely for the burning of the Bank of America in Isla Vista.