Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bank Burn Posters

Over the years, people have asked me if there are any bank burning posters still around that can be bought. As luck would have it, a stash of them was discovered several years back in someone's garage. These were donated to the Perfect Park Peace Monument Committe as a fundraiser for the memorial. I received the following note from Bob Potter not too long ago about the posters:

Dear Malcolm,

Diane Conn now has possession of the posters, and I suggest that you direct people to contact her, at the IV Recreation and Park District. We are using the proceeds from sales to support the Park District's maintenance fund for the Peace monument.

Many Thanks,



  1. Tim MainlandMay 20, 2005

    I am the second guy from the right on the burning bank poster that was made into a check. On the far right is my room mate Russ and there are some others I remember there. We were all arrested at least once, myself during III. I was kept in a cold cell naked and hollered at and hit for about 48 hours. My mind was mush after that. TM

  2. Thanks for commenting, Tim. I trust your life got lots better after the cops "beat some sense" into you!

  3. Yeah, I learned a lot from it. Things got better. Tim

  4. Email
    I bought new condition "Bank Burn Posters" from Jerey at the above address. He got them from an inventory of a friends closed headshop in San Diego. I tried e-mailing Diane at The I.V. Perfect Park committe, never got back to me. My older Brother Dan Lewolt was there at the time with a broken leg, was arrested and his crutches taken from him. Also went through the naked in Jail torment. Had this poster on his walls for years. They should have made a sculpture out of the great picture of a cop grabing the student on the ground, not some stupid non discript cemetary like cement garden trellace. This was real and Youth action was involved.

    thanks, Greg

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