Wednesday, April 20, 2005

KCSB Crew's Holloween

Ed Isenberg sent me the following. Thanks, Ed!


I sent this by E-mail to Adrienne M. MacIain, who according to your blog wanted such memories...



I lived in Isla Vista in 1970-1974, and was part of a group of people who worked at KCSB-FM, the campus radio station. Every Halloween we would gather at the apartment of Steve Sellman (the Chief Engineer) and have a party. Around 9 or 10 at night we (a mob of about 15) would walk through the street throwing pumpkin seeds at people. One year (I believe the Fall of 1971) we walked all the way onto campus to Chancellor Cheadle's residence, and knocked on his door. I happened to be dressed as Poncho Villa, but due to a TV commercial running at the time, I referred to myself as "The Frito Bandito." When Cheadle opened the door we all wished him a happy Halloween, but I handed him an open bag of Fritos and said, in a Mexican accent, "Eat ze Fritos." Well, he was a bit reluctant to do so since he figured we were all stoned (which was true) and the food might be drugged (not true). So I said, in a louder voice, "Eat ze Fritos!" He still demurred. So then I pointed my toy rifle at him (it was a kid's toy, and wouldn't fool anyone), and said quite insistently, "EAT ZE FRITOS! NOW!" and you know what? He ate a Frito!

Those were fun time in IV. Aside from the surfers and Engineering students, we all seemed to have a common understanding or link, about the war, drugs, sex, America.... It wasn't heaven, of course. There were a lot of rapes (apartment laundry rooms were notorious), and of course a lot of people didn't do well with their experiments with "Living Better Through Chemistry," as we used to call it. Still, I am still close with people from then, and we all agree it may not have been our happiest times, but it certainly was our most intense times of life.

Alas, Steve Sellman died of a heart attack some years ago, and one other leader who was my roommate and best friend, Steve Logan, died of Cancer a few years ago.

Ed Isenberg
former Isla Vista News Editor and then News Director, KCSB-FM (1971-1972)
former News Editor and co-Publisher, Isla Vista Town Crier (1974-75)


  1. Isenberg and his ilk were brainless punk children then as now. His grand prouncements of life,drugs,liberty and America then were as childish then as they are now. Who in the mindless hell takes a drugged up college student seriously? NO ONE. Period. No one then did and not now. Get a life dude,you thoughts of life were as the droppings of an animal. WE use to harrass you,arrest you and monitor you.Bob Burton

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2005

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