Wednesday, December 09, 2009

DBOA Radio Series 10

Chapter 10 (0:62:22) takes place January 29 and 30th, 1970.

  • KCSB-FM in-field reporting by Pete Coza, Maxine Cass, Greg Sprankling
  • Sleep-out, January 29/30
  • Rich Underwood recalls the Dean Evans Bullhorn Incident
  • Dean Evans Bullhorn Incident
  • Mick Kronman
  • Acting Chancellor Russell Buchanan approves Sheriff's forces on campus
  • David Gardner meets with student leaders
  • Chris Hall Incident
  • Bill Allen Demonstrations at UCSB
  • KCSB-FM in-field reporting by Cy Godfrey, Greg Sprankling, Pete Coza, Don French
  • Bill Allen: "You people really voted today!"
  • Post-riots interviews: local issues organizing
  • "Peace Brigade"
  • Greg Knell interview

  • Byrds: "8 Miles High" (live)
  • Youngbloods: "Love One Another"
  • Steve Miller Band: "Livin' In The USA"

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  1. Whaddaya mean "second string"?! I was kicked out of school, had my life threatened by S.O.S., and was the last person to speak before each of the riots. I organized the VVAW march in Washington and was tracked by the FBI for three years. I was the only person who was officially gagged by the UCSB administration.
    Rick Thorngate