Sunday, December 27, 2009

DBOA Radio Series 12

Chapter 12 of the "Don't Bank on Amerika" radio series takes place during the first week of February, 1970, when the demonstrations for an open hearing into the Bill Allen case were drawing to a close.

DBOA 12 - 0:59:05 (DBOA #11 lost)

Issues covered:
  • Geoff Wallace interview
  • Student leaders meet with UCSB administration
  • KCSB-FM in-field reporting by Pete Koza, Suzi Burnette, Fred Gebhardt and Cy Godfrey
  • Second string student leadership (Rick Thorngate, Rich Trussel, et. al)
  • The Faculty Club Takeover
  • The Smith Survey
  • KCSB-FM in-field reporting by Phil Singer and Greg Sprankling
  • The Serpentine March, February 4
  • KCSB-SM in-field reporting by Greg Sprankling and Pete Koza
  • Campus Strike proves ineffective
  • Mick Kronman letter
  • Rip-off of the UCSB student leadership
  • The Trial of the Chicago 8
  • Willam Kunstler at UCSB's campus stadium

Music featured:
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service: "Who Do You Love?"
  • Richie Havens:"Handsome Johnny"
  • Arlo Guthrie: "Alice's Restaurant" (short version)
  • Thunderclap Newman: "Something In The Air"
  • Bob Dylan: "Masters of War"
  • John Lennon: "Power to the People"
  • Iron Butterfly: "In The Time of Our Lives"
  • Beach Boys: "Student Demonstration Time"

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