Friday, November 12, 2004

Etta James in I.V. 1970

This vignette just in from Dick Flacks:


"I attended the Etta James concert. She told an Isla Vista story. It seems that in the early 70s she was at a Jazz festival here, and went to Eggs, etc. for breakfast. She sat on a stool there and broke it (she was heavy!) and was rudely ejected from the place. Later she got a call from Gregg Knell informing her that as an official of Associated Students he had succeeded in getting her an apology and a check for $10k from the restaurant. It was quite astonishing that she remembered Greg's name (and said that he was now a lawyer)."


By the way, if anyone knows the whereabout of Greg Knell, please pass it on...

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  1. Greg Knell is in San Rafael. He is on the school board.