Sunday, November 22, 2009

DBOA Radio Series 09

Chapter 9 continues in January 1970, in the heat of the Bill Allen demonstrations on the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California:

In this episode:
  • January 29, 1970
  • Bill Allen at the demonstrations in front of the Admin Building: "Woodstock Nation People"
  • 7,776 signatures calling for an open hearing into the Bill Allen case
  • "Power to the People"
  • Oil companies
  • Wharf-in
  • Dean Evans Bullhorn Incident
  • KCSB-FM in-field reporting
  • Greg Knell recaps the student side of the Dean Evans Bullhorn Incident
  • Santana: "Go out and make it better"
  • Off-campus police called in
  • January 30, 1970
  • KCSB in-field reporting - Maxine Cass and Pete Coza
  • Dylan: "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
  • Outro
  • Iron Butterfly: "Soul Experience"

Additional Music:
  • Moody Blues: "Om"
  • Iron Butterfly: "In The Time of Our Lives"
  • Yardbirds: "Shapes of Things to Come"

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