Saturday, October 31, 2009

DBOA Radio Series 06

Chapter 6 (0:56:25) of the "Don't Bank on Amerika" radio series takes place in Winter 1969/1970.

This episode contains the following:
  • Becca Wilson interview on the nature of Isla Vista
  • Greg Knell interview on chronology
  • The Smith Survey
  • The Goleta Sloughway
  • Kunstler speech excerpt from campus stadium, 2/24/1970
  • Fall 1969 chronology
  • Greg Knell interview on the Bill Allen issue
  • "Bank of America: A Second Check"
  • Opposition to the Bank of America
  • Tim Owens documentary excerpt

Musical excerpts:
  • Jefferson Airplane: Eskimo Blue Day
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service: What About Me?
  • Beach Boys: Student Demonstration Time
  • Mothers of Invention: American Way
  • Jethro Tull: A New Day Yesterday

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