Sunday, April 15, 2007

Joyce Elaine Roop

Friends of Joyce ~ Wikipedia has an entry for Joyce Roop:

Joyce Elaine Roop


  1. Joyce was my roommate and dear friend. She was a Christian when it was very uncool. She was smart and had a great deep rumbly laugh. The men lined up at our door...I shared a room with her and there were many nights that we had quite a crew there. She taught me to eat Ramen. The last time I saw her, in the late 1970's, she said "let's go get a mineral water or a Sanka"; most people would have said a beer or a Coke! That was Joyce; a person of her own direction, deeply committed, lots of fun. I'm sorry she's gone from this earth.

  2. Hi Abby

    I was a dear friend of Joyce's
    I was speaking with her husband today- the anniversary of her death- and he googled her and found the WIKI article
    Now we know why the BD of Directors info was in it- because we dont remember that being in the obit

    We were very surprised to find her in WIKI
    Wondering why you posted it?
    She was amazing and unique, yet...
    She had a husband and a son and was mostly Buddhist (with protestanism in there)
    The Ramen and sanka comment is VERY Joyce- though I never knew her to go for De-caf- she drank strong coffee with her strong chemo
    She had that charisma or whatever it was to the very end
    I'm sorry is no longer here
    I am very grateful to have been a part of her life
    and to have spent so much time with her those last 2-3 years
    robin thompson

  3. AnonymousMay 06, 2009

    I knew Joyce in the late 60s, when she was finishing high school and preparing to go to UCSB. We met on a Sierra Club camping trip over Christmas in Death Valley. I lost touch with her when I wandered off to Australia, something that I regret to this day (the losing touch part).
    I was deeply saddened to find Joyce's obit in Wiki. Joyce is a part of my past that I remember fondly, and a part of me died with her. She was a truly remarkable woman, and honestly, I am not surprised that she had men lined up at the door.

    Brian B. Taylor, Ph.D., P.Eng.