Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Draft EIR: Master Plan

This message just in from Carmen Lodise:



The comment period on the Draft EIR of the Isla Vista Master Plan has been
extended to July 14. Just like the County, I believe the two public
hearings in Isla Vista on the Draft EIR were held during final exams.

It would be helpful if all you folks who know anything about the vision for
Isla Vista held by its residents and their elected leaders through the years
would take a look at it and comment.

Read the 5-year Plan first. It's a lot shorter.

You can find both at:

It would be helpful and reach a lot more people if you would post your
comments on the new Isla Vista Discussion Group:

This is the one chance Isla Vista has to be made right.



P.S. My quick read of the Draft EIR says it will add 4,350 people but only
440 new parking spaces.

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