Saturday, August 27, 2005

Torched and Toasted

Greg Desilet saw the posting about Charlie and wrote:

"Thanks for the email regarding Charlie. I don't recall but I probably met him since I used Kinko's a lot in those days and knew the owner and founder Paul Orfalea (after moving to Colorado I worked for Kinko's in different capacities for 16 years)..."

Greg's working on a novel that incorporates much of his experiences during the riots and added:

"... those who visit the DBOA web site may be interested in looking at the "Fiction" link at my site where I have placed a sample from the novel I am working on that centers around the bank burning events. Included with the text are several pictures taken by myself the night of the bank burning and the following day. I have additional pictures that I plan to include with the novel when it is finally finished and (hopefully) published. As far as I know, my pictures of the interior of the bank are the latest into the evening of the bank burning that anyone took of the interior."

Direct link to the novel excerpt:

Greg Desilet Fiction

Link to Greg's website:

Greg Desilet

(Bank of Amerika, Isla Vista Branch, February 26, 1970 courtesy of Greg Desilet)

Thanks, Greg. Look forward to reading the book!

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