Saturday, August 21, 2004

Radical Union Notes From Steve Denney, 3/26/2002

Short note from Malcolm: I am continuing to slowly backfill the DBOA Blog with correspondence I've received over the years that I have managed to save. This one is from Steve Denney, dated March 26, 2002. When you have time, checkout Steve's website; awesome job on Southeast Asia.


I appreciate your web site. I was a student at UCSB from 1968-71, I dropped
out and finished my education in Oregon.

I attended a few Radical Union meetings during the 1969-70 school year. But
I always felt out of place there and never got to know anyone. Truth is I
did not in my heart believe in what they believed. To be radical then meant
to embrace a libertine lifestyle while at the same time supporting the most
totalitarian regimes in the world, such as China, North Vietnam, Cuba. I remember seeing the Bank of America burning down. I know some people who
were involved in the riots, former high school classmates of mine. I also
participated in the final demonstration in June 1970 to protest what was
basically a police riot.

I would be interested to know what happened to some of the leaders at that
time, such as Lefty Bryant, Jim Gregory, Greg Knoll (?), etc.

best regards,

Steve Denney


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