Saturday, June 12, 2004

More from Peter Young

More from Peter Young, from an email he sent me on 25 August 2001:


Dear Malcolm,

I've read quite a bit more of your work since my last message. The whole story is amazing, almost surreal. If I hadn't lived through the time and didn't know it was all true, I'd say it was unbelievable. Perhaps that's because we live in a very different world now.

I spent the summer of 1967, between my second and third years at Harvard Law, clerking for a Santa Barbara law firm and lived in I.V. Joel Honey already had earned notoriety. The underground newspaper in I.V. ran several stories on him, and I think I even wrote one of them. John Maybury, its editor, who had been a freshman reporter when I was editor of El Guahco in 1964-65, told me a lot about Honey's vicious acts. I'm not surprised Honey graduated from the anti-drug squad to what I would term Santa Barbara's equivalent of a red squad.

Further reading also refreshed my memory of the UCSB connections of people I met after their UCSB days. Tom Tosdal worked with me on the Pentagon Papers case, in which I was cocounsel for Tony Russo with Len Weinglass, and I met Phyllis Bennis through the National Lawyers Guild; she did quite a bit of work on some of our cases in the 1970's. I once knew but had forgotten they had gone to UCSB, although I never knew of their role in the events you chronicle.

Anyway, thanks once again for posting an invaluable historical record.



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